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AppleTV (4th Generation) with tvOS

I am testing a new (4th generation, Oct 2015) AppleTV as a replacement for my 2nd generation AppleTV (Sep 2010). My initial impression is overwhelmingly positive! I am finally replacing the older AppleTVs entirely. I was an early adopter, got my first AppleTV (Silver, ran stripped version of Mac OS X 10.4 Tiger with FrontRow) […]

Cthulu does Old Spice Advert!

This brings back many fond memories of playing Call of Cthulu with friends when I was stationed in Hawaii….

Nice Birthday Bash for Dan

Well, Erci and I hosted Dan’s 40th Birthday Bash per arrangement made with Dan and Jeff a few months ago and it was a blast. We had something on the order of 60 people out, enjoying some Contra Dancing, some time in the pool, a lot of Erci’s cooking (Tiger Cried, yummmm!), and the company […]

Steam Punk and Pirates, Yar!

Yesterday Erci accompanied me over to Atelier de la Charrette to help Bob and Peter, Winterbadger, and Bryan test a game of “VSF: Actions at Parroom Station” before Bob goes to Historicon to expose more steam punk fans and miniatures gamers to the allure of the Martian landscape. We arrived a little bit late and […]