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No wonder American voters are so poorly informed

I am usually very lucky to mostly be sheltered in a wonderful cocoon that is essentially free of commercial television. When I travel I get disgusted at the number of places that have the propaganda, sensationalist, and fake news channel Fox News on and blaring loud all the time. I don’t get that crap at home, nor any of my usual places I do business; I did not make a conscious effort to do so, but my mechanics, my doctors, my usual places of business either have no TV at all or have real news media (CBS/NBC/ABC/BBC) on if they do. One, my dentist, has daytime TV. When I travel I run into what I expect is more typical for most of America, and everywhere the lounge or lobby or waiting room TV is always on, always way too loud, and always tuned to Fox News spreading deliberate lies and misinformation; using titillating or sensationalist news to attract viewers to watch the behavior modification programming called commercial advertisements (eat more SUGAR, SUGAR, SUGAR, CORN, CORN, CORN) and to watch their horrifically bad “journalism” and non-stop fear-mongering. It is no wonder American voters are fat and so poorly informed. I am disgusted. I want to hack the TV-B-Gone to turn the channel to CBS news or BBC news and drop the volume to half in nearly every lobby I visit.

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