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Is racism the American Way? Does it have to be?

Wow, the article/essay linked below is powerfully and well written. For what it’s worth, I have always hated “Gone With the Wind” myself, and “Braveheart” too.

Yes, you’re a racist… and a traitor. – an essay on by John E. Price

Here is another one, also beautifully written, and with the keys to the salvation of our nation: the author’s principal who took the time to educate the author on the impact of his own insensitivity saved him from a lifetime of ignorance! May we all step up and take the time to learn and to have compassion and sensitivity to our fellow human beings and Americans.

Heritage, Hate and and the Juvenilization of Free Speech – an message of hope from Stephen Ingram

I think it is absolutely critical that we all take away from that the simple fact that patiently and directly addressing racism with thoughtful questions can help those ignorant of the impact of their actions to make a change in their life and the lives of others if they want to. It does not address the willfully ignorant, but how do we know who is willing to change and does not realize it unless we take the time to try? I know this takes enormous courage, and perhaps it was easier for a school principal in a position of authority than it will be for most of us, but I think more of us should try.

I think we can even generalize a call to action; we should all be calling out bad behavior promptly, and using social pressure to induce members of society to have a little respect and compassion for others.

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