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469 reasons why Facebook sucks is a list of 468 reasons why I find Facebook annoying. I add more all the time. That is a list of all the applications I have blocked in the last year so they stop pestering me through my live feed.

The additional one, is a Facebook internal one called Questions which is doubly annoying because it cannot be blocked using Facebook’s tools. So I recommend only using Facebook through Firefox with two essential Add-On/Extensions installed and configured:

  • NoScript is critical for blocking cross-site scripting hacks, useful for much more than Facebook
  • FeedFilter is useful for blocking Facebook annoyances

Install them both or get the heck off Facebook.

I had to re-block Chat. In Facebook terms, that is – click the Chat crap, click the gear, click the automatically “available to chat” checkbox so you are now Chat (Offline) like one should always be. Adium is the only way to chat, Facebook and Skype suck for that.

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