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Cool enhancement to MobileMe email system

I am not sure exactly when this happened, but MobileMe mail spool finally supports server-side filtering; you can finally put some spam fighting rules into your web account so the spam does not get to your iPhone/iPad (the client has always supported client-side filtering).

This potentially fixes the problem where your Mac saw no spam because of the filter rules; but your iPhone saw all kinds of viagra spam.

Bring up Preferences/Rules
Point a web browser at and log in, click the silly cloud logo
select the Mail cloud
click the preferences wheel (top right corner, next to your name), select the Rules menu item

Copy any rules you have already set up in over to MobileMe’s rules.

Spam you already have rules for will no longer appear on your iPhone.

While this is a little clumsy, it is some improvement; and perhaps with pressure and time Apple will bring more of the automatic junk filtering into the server side of the Mobile Me system so iPhone users enjoy spam-free email on their MobileMe accounts.

Of course, if your mail spool already sits on most web hosting services, you already have Spam-Assassin enabled.

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