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Xmarks for Safari, Firefox, Chrome and Explorer

I have continued to have stability problems on Safari 5 for Mac OS X 10.6 (Snow Leopard) at work, and diligently reported the problems to Apple, and looked for and found two problems with my configuration and fixed them both. Safari on Snow Leopard continues to crash regularly (though it is very stable on my older Leopard machines).

I was reluctant to switch browsers because I have accumulated many excellent bookmarks and tabs in Safari over many years of using it, that make my daily internet usage much better. I also like Safari because it syncs bookmarks through MobileMe to my iPhone, which is very convenient.

Recently there have been more and more malicious cross-site javascripts turning up on commonly used websites (Facebook applications, and others). Safari is pretty secure in many ways, but it is horribly inadequate at blocking javascripts except on a whitelist. Until someone implements a javascript whitelisting tool like NoScript for Firefox, Safari no longer gets my recommendation.

All this pain has led to something very cool though, while searching for a way to migrate all my bookmarks from Safari to Firefox, I discovered Xmarks.

Xmarks allows synchronization between multiple computers running any browser from it’s list of currently supported browsers (Safari, Firefox, Chrome and Explorer); and makes keeping multiple computers or multiple browsers in sync very easy. Delicious does this too, but I like the interface of Xmarks a little better.

If you have ever needed to migrate bookmarks from an old computer to a new one, or from an old browser to a new one… you should look into these services.

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