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Useful Safari extension

Tired of those annoying IntelliTXT ads? They can be blocked with this simple extension for Safari, hurrah!

JavaScript Blacklist also blocks those annoying previews, and the stupid tynt copy & paste blocker (though I have not been running into either of these as much lately).

Thank you Drew Thaler!

Update: First you will have to upgrade to Safari 5 and then enable extensions before you can use Drew Thaler’s excellent annoyance blocking extension.

You can run Software Update to get Safari 5 installed.
I found the following instructions useful for enabling extensions:

    To enable Safari extensions:

    1. First, open the ‘Preferences’ panel by dragging down from the ‘Safari’ menu or with the shortcut command+comma.
    2. Then, click on the ‘Advanced’ panel at the far right and check the ‘Show Develop menu in menu bar’ box if it’s not already checked.
    3. From there, a dropdown menu called ‘Develop’ should appear between the ‘Bookmarks’ and ‘Window’ dropdown menus; check “Enable Extensions,” which will be the third item down on the menu.
    4. Go back to Safari’s preferences by hitting command+comma, and you’ll see a brand-new extensions panel. From there, you can manage the Safari extensions you’ve downloaded.

Last, apply JavaScript Blacklist extension by double clicking on it.

Open Safari Preferences, click the Extensions Tab, and add and to your JavaScript Blacklist to prevent IntelliTXT style adds at and

Examples of sites with crappy IntelliTXT style ads (look for the double underlined common words):

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