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Kalamazoo was fun and educational, good to be home

We got back really late last night or early this morning. Ichseke and PaleoBob will drive home from here today. ThatPotteryGuy is a fantastic traveling companion, PenguinInArmor shall henceforth be known as “that insufferable celebrity” as he was recognized everywhere we went once he and PaleoBob had done their demonstration of medieval combat in armor. It was great to see Shalmestere and JS again.

This was the year of the cancelled papers in most sessions, and also the congress of “in honor of” papers given by students of or colleagues of historians who have passed on. The 14th Century Society came into it’s own with three sessions of excellent papers that drew large crowds, and the Society of the White Hart and Distaff continued to draw large crowds for their many sessions (several Distaff presentations were overflowing to the point of being a safety concern; the congress really needs to give them larger rooms to use).

More later, just wanted folks to know we got back safely (at least this far) and that we are exhausted and filled with both joy, and plenty of new books!

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