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Spam phone calls at work from 800-969-8542

So I’ve been getting bogus calls at work from 800-969-8542. I also get calls at work for a former employee who had the same extension, and politely explain the former worker has not worked here in years. These are not the calls from several different numbers all looking for the former employee.

These calls have me answering the phone, and no one talks at all for longer than I am willing to wait.
The are not like most cold-caller spam calls in that the number is not blocked from Caller-ID.
Calling that number always gets a busy signal.

Now that I’ve had several from the same number, I googled it:

Google Search on 800-969-8542

Interesting, with as many complaints as I can find online about the same number, you’d think the number would be taken away or something… At least at work, we can configure the ShoreTel to ignore calls from that number.

I am filing a complaint with:

Update: Oh joy, the FTC complaint website is broken. Fail!

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