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Obama for President

I had already decided that my vote was going to Barack Obama, partially as a result of the process of elimination (initially I wanted Wesley Clark, then Evan Bayh or Bill Richardson, then John Edwards. One by one all those candidates dropped out of the race, and I was left with Barack Obama as the most logical choice remaining.

I have always been excited by the real chance for change he offers us, but that was offset by doubts about how much experience he brought to the table. I was hoping in 2004 that Kerry and Edwards would win, then Barack Obama could succeed them in 2012… alas, we got more more years of failure.

Today I no longer have any doubts. Barack Obama’s speech shows me what an excellent and realistic leader he will be as President of the United States. Now I am voting Obama not because he is the most logical choice remaining, but because he is the right person for the job and he is inspiring me to work harder at uniting, rather than dividing America.

Update: Link to full text and video of the speech is at:

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