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Home again, home again

Dance-O-Rama with the Tysons/Vienna Arthur Murray school was terrific fun. Erci and I went with a group of 22 from our studio and danced until our feet were sore and danced a whole lot more. Blue Martini in Bally’s continues to serve excellent martinis, and it was probably a good thing (if mildly disappointing) that they closed at 2:30 Sunday morning (we might have stayed and drank even more, ouch).

I am mostly very happy with my dances, though I need to work on my groupings and presentation a whole lot more, and focus intensely on mambo as a dance (I totally blew that dance). Bolero and Viennese went particularly well for me (due to recent focusing and lots of practice), and I wish I had entered more heats. I have bruises from a slip and fall in the bath tub in our room, and Erci is bruised and sore from a bad tumble down some steps at the hotel. We both have sore feet from lots of dancing, but we are wimps compared to Mr Bond, who did over 100 heats, well over. Our studio was remarkable in that we had over 2/3 of our group were male dance students. Rumba/Cha formation, a slight variation on the one we did earlier in the year at Freestyles went very well though with seven couples instead of the original fourteen. The bus ride up and back with the Silver Spring and Gaithersburg studios was nearly as much fun as the dance event itself!

Big thank you to aenloo for taking care of Bailey while we were away, he was well fed and affectionate when we got home.

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