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Blizzard and Lake Effect Snow

Wow, it’s been years since I was in Upstate New York during a snowstorm, but that is being changed right now.

Mom has her RoadRunner broadband connection now (an amazing Wave Comm contractor came out in the middle of the blizzard and hooked up her connection, even had to climb the pole outside, though we told he he could come back after the storm). She also has Erci‘s old iMac 800, a new Epson printer/scanner/copier, and my old Canon Elph PowerShot S100 digital camera to play with.

Tug Hill Plateau (about 30 miles North of Rome) is getting 3-5 feet of snow as I write this, and Rome is expecting 6-15 inches with tall drifts. It will be fun digging the cars out of the drifts tomorrow and setting out on the trip back to Virginia.

The Prius is doing fine in the snow and even the bone dry extreme cold yesterday and the day before. MPG has fallen dramatically (only getting around 40MPG because of the heater running all the time in single digit temperatures with wind chills well below zero), and even further to 35MPG today in the snow and warming up the car long enough to scrape windows clear. Traction is good though (relatively new tires) and no problems starting or getting into doors (locks often freeze solid in these conditions).

Had a wonderful visit with Ant and Jammie last night, met their cats Merlin, Tookie, and Buddy; exchanged mac geek files, book reading lists, movie lists, and watched lame SuperBowl commercials. Had dinner at Ninety-Nine (a new local chain with pretty decent food). Sadly I did not get to see Terry and Tammy as the weather (and Terry’s recent travel/drive schedule) prevented it – but we’ll hook up later.

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