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Virginia Congressional Primary, June 10th, 2008

On June 10th, registered voters in Virginia’s 8th, 10th, and 11th United States Congressional districts will get to vote in open (to all registered voters) primary elections. Virginia scheduled primaries for all districts, but in all the other districts either no candidates filed in time, or only one did from each party, or the party in that district is deciding by convention or caucus.

The United States Senate race to replace retiring Senator John Warner will have no primary because Mark Warner is unchallenged on one side, and because the other side is choosing via convention/caucus rather than allow cross-over voters to mess with their selection.

You can vote in only the Democratic or Republican primary, not both, and whichever way you vote that day you can elect to vote differently later. Voting in one party’s primary does not register you as part of that party, but it is a matter of public record that you voted in that party’s primary that election.

So, if you are in the 8th district, your choices are:

If you are in the 10th district, your choices are:

Voters in the 11th district have a little more freedom, there is no Republican primary, and there is a four way race amongst the Democrats (this means Republicans are free to help pick their opinion of the best Democrat, or that they are free to try to get the least electable Democrat nominated so their candidate has a better chance in November; I am not sure how this will pan out, just reporting the facts):

It is worth noting that in November the 11th district ballot will include at least two additional names:

Note: Virginia’s Independent-Green Party is different from the Virginia Green Party. Many people get them confused, I expect there to be a GP candidate for the 11th as well, or for the GP to endorse one of the Democrats if the right one (in the GP’s opinion) wins the nomination.

This post is non-partisan, unbiased, and pure information for voters. My opinions are on the regular blog.