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This is the tango I want to do

Tim and Pam introduced me to it, and it looks amazing: For those who cannot see the embedding: Enrique De Fazio & Guillermo De Fazio are amazing, and fun!

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Dressed up all in black

My half-hearted attempt to be a beatnik for tonight’s sock-hop and 1950s party at the Tyson’s Corners’ Dance Studio. Black pants (could not find black jeans), black turtle neck, black button down over it, gelled hair. I don’t own any birth control glasses (military issue like Elvis Costello wears) anymore, or I’d switch to those […]

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Weekend Update

It was a pretty spectacular weekend. Friday night after work I hit The Ballroom Studio for one last practice for showcase routines with Michele and Cassandra and attended the dance party. Saturday, Erci and I hit practices with our different formation teams, and I snagged lunch with Pranu; then Saturday night was the big showcase […]

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Freestyles Photos

I danced this past weekend at Arthur Murray Fall Freestyles and took a few photos with my partner’s excellent Canon Rebel XTi. Pictures are up at my MobileMe Gallery. I have not had time to edit them much or write about the weekend, but it was fun.

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