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Jules Verne’s Birthday; Mac DiveLog find!!!

Woo hoo! We have used for years Suunto Cobra dive computers when SCUBA diving, they are awesome, but they only connected to Windows software. Apparently a very geeky fellow decided he was so frustrated with Suunto ignoring many divers who are Mac users that he’d address the problem directly by writing his own software to […]

Sailing to Lanai with Trilogy

Last night the Feast at Lele was amazing. Four courses of food, each consisting of three to four dishes, each course in turn representing Hawaii, New Zealand, Tahiti, and Samoa. The shows were fun too, and the setting was absolutely gorgeous. This morning we got up very early (4:40am local) and got on board the […]

Caribbean Dive Vacations

A friend asked that I post some reviews of places I have dived and some comments on Sport Diver magazine’s suggested list of Diving and Resorts (2007 Edition). My response got a little wordy, but it may interest anyone contemplating travel to the Caribbean. More after the fold…

Home again

Home Again, Jiggety-Jig. A week in the Bahamas was nice, but I had enjoyed Curacao, Belize, and Cozumel much, much more. Nothing horrendously wrong in Nassau, but nothing overwhelmingly nice about it either. Erci wanted to declare a few extra pounds of body fat at customs because we ate pretty well most of the time […]