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American Priorities are Screwed Up

Thank you Tim Rall, for keeping things in perspective: Being, Nothingness, and Anthony Weiner Now can we move on and focus on some important issues please and leave the Weiners to sort this out between themselves?

Just the Simple Truth

The truth is neither harsh nor forgiving; it simply is. It probably seems quite harsh to those who refuse to live with it or observe it though; I remain unsympathetic. Just the Simple Truth about President Obama’s speech on April 13th, 2011.

Heartfelt Thanks

Thank you Apple and Steve Jobs for keeping Adobe Flash off my iOS devices and making it easy for me to remove it from my Mac OS X gear. The stability, security, performance, and battery life I am enjoying now were not possible on a Flash-enabled machine.

Theft of public resources for private profit

The events going on in Wisconsin, Ohio, and Indiana have nothing to do with state budgets. It is all about busting up the public sector unions and privatizing energy utilities through non-bid auctions to give the Koch brothers monopolies. It is an alliance between Republicans and the filthy rich to exploit everyone else and hang […]

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Evil is going to war and killing people for personal gain…

Defector admits to WMD lies that triggered Iraq war The WMD lies were made up, and the Bush administration knew it in mid-year 2000, and deliberately hid the knowledge and locked their source up so he could not talk until their highly profitable little war and fleecing of the American taxpayer was well underway. Evil, […]

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Violent Political Rhetoric

Mark says this far better than I can, there is no balance in violent political rhetoric… It’s nearly all coming from the Republicans and their political allies. Violent Political Rhetoric? Look Right.

There goes Net Neutrality

The FCC has exposed themselves to be mouthpieces for corporate overlords. The “openess” of Android is a complete distraction and has nothing to do with throttled connections and extortionate pricing by carriers. This is hugely disappointing and we will regret it for a long, long time. Update: Steve Wozniak’s open letter to the FCC to […]

Thank You, Tom Perriello

Tom Perriello has been the best person in the United States congress for the past two years. He did not win re-election, but Virginia can be proud to have fielded a statesman such as Tom Perriello for the past two years. He has worked tirelessly and hard for good governance, civic responsibility, and justice. They […]

Non-Profit Groups as Shields for Nefarious Activities

Think twice before you believe any organization’s claims; many operate with the opposite goals from what you have been misled to believe… 6 Insane Conspiracies Hiding Behind Non-Profit Groups How strange that Cracked and Comedy Central are providing more thoughtful news than the actual news is… Be sure to read through to page two and […]

Should corporations be considered individuals by the law?

There are many reasons I do not think that corporations should have the same rights as individual persons. Corporations are effectively not subject to the effects of aging, they can have virtually unlimited resources, they dodge personal responsibility by selectively using scape-goats/layoffs/contractors, and they can effectively dodge taxation by getting subsidies or tax-breaks that ordinary […]