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Cold Weather Tips

Oh my it’s cold… Stay warm folks. Keep a towel and blanket and snow shovel in the car. Extra mittens, scarves, and hoods/hats don’t hurt either. This cold, lift your wipers up off the windshield… Plan your trips between car and building carefully before opening the door and making the trip. The long term forecast […]

Typhoon Approaching Okinawa and Kyushu

In the summer of 1987 I was temporarily assigned to Kadena AB, Okinawa from my duty station at Misawa AB, Japan. During that summer a major typhoon hit the island of Okinawa. I will never forget the fury that nature can hurl at a city in the form of a typhoon. The service men and […]

AppleID (aka: iTunes Store) accounts finally get two step authentication

This is a much more secure, if a little more annoying, way to protect your AppleID. Since there is real money involved with your iTunes and App Store purchases now, I strongly recommend you set up two-step authentication on your own AppleID. I recommend you go to and Manage your Account, then take 10 […]

Want to run for Governor of Virginia?

I sense a golden opportunity for 3rd party candidates in Virginia this year; neither Cuccinelli nor McAuliffe excites people in a positive way, they are both reviled and exciting only negatively. The turnout in Virginia’s off-cycle elections is always low, and at it’s lowest the year after a presidential election that has exhausted the voters; […]

Don’t enter your iOS UUID into a WebForm

This morning’s news reveals a story about how an FBI Agent’s Laptop was hacked into using a malicious java script exploit, and that a file of millions of iOS device users personal data was stolen from the hacked FBI laptop. Interestingly, perhaps even predictably, and irrationally; several websites have sprung up offering to compare the […]

Occupy movement is a cause, or an effect?

Wow, very thoughtful and though-provoking essay by professor Robert Jenson; worth reading and thinking about…. Occupy movement is more than just a flash in the pan.

Virginia General Elections November 8th

In just nine days every registered Virginia voter will be able to cast ballots in the first state-wide general election since redistricting from the 2010 United States Census. Remember to check with the board of elections to find out your ballot before you vote so you have time to research your choices, or lack thereof. […]

Started iOS 5.0 update for iPad

Woot! The long awaited iOS update is showing up in my iTunes 10.5 now; so I am applying it to iPad first and then iPhone 4 next. Squee!!!! Even more Squee: Airport Utility for iOS!!!

UltraViolet Launches

We’ve launched… This is what has been taking up a lot of my spare time for a long time.

Virginia State Elections, 2011

Here is what I have found out about my choices so far for the November 8th General Election (all state delegates, many state senators, and many local county and city offices up for election): I am in a new House of Delegates district because of the 2010 U.S. Census and redistricting, the new district is […]