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Ran out of Gas

On the way to work via only today buy viagra online canadian pharmacy the buy cialis online cheap gas station Monday morning, I ran out of gas. I knew I was low, but did not think I was that low. The gas engine/generator in my 2006 Prius stopped about 1.4 miles from the planned gas station… I was still rolling, in traffic… I cut the air-conditioner, […]

New Honda Insight looks like a Prius, costs less

In about two weeks dealers will begin getting model year 2010 Honda Insight hybrid cars. This will be a completely renovated Honda Insight that looks a lot more like a Prius than the old Insight; and it will cost less than $20,000 brand new! LA Times Article, with pictures I originally wanted an Insight, but […]

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Next Year’s Prius gets solar panels

Toyota to add Solar Panels, how cool is that. I notice my mileage slips a little whenever the heater or air conditioning has to be run, so this will offset at least the air conditioner loss and best quality viagra'>best quality viagra keep the mileage high. In other news, my Prius broke a new personal record this morning, it reached […]

First Prius Complaint/Suggestion

I’ve been driving the 50 mg viagra'>50 mg viagra new Prius a lot and in general I love the thing, but I have a first complaint and suggestion. This thing needs a relatively quiet, alternate horn in addition to the normal load one it has for emergencies. Several times now I have nearly run over pedestrians when driving around parking […]

New Prius

Well, fate popped in and the Toyota dealer I pass every morning on the way to work called me back after this morning’s visit. They had a 2006 Prius, White with Tan interior, option package #6 available today! I considered it a sign, and grapped that machine. I drove the Prius off the lot after […]

Car Troubles

Well, it is time to face the look here viagra canada fact that my 2001 Saab 9-5 Aero Wagon has become a lemon as it has aged. The truth is I love the ergonomics of the car and especially the ventilated seats so much that I have poured far more money than is sensible into keeping this thing running, […]

Toyota Prius

Well, Erci went and beat me to it. We picked up her Barcelona Red 2006 Toyota Prius this evening. It is very, very nice. I want one too. I balked at the non-negotiable prices earlier this fall, and I am glad I waited because the 2006 models will play MP3 encoded CDs and alarm when […]


Erci went ahead and ordered a Prius, she has details at In my Field of Paper Flowers. She chose red, which we expect to be a bit darker than the one in this picture: