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Once again the great orator speaks!

The great orator does it again, this time in response to George W. Bush’s and John McCain’s hypocritical lies. Check it out for yourself and ask if this is not the leader we have been looking for… Clearly Obama gets right to the heart of the issues and he calls Bush out for airing our […]

Great Leaders

A cousin of mine, who has since recanted her silly impression, once commented to me that she felt that George W. Bush was a great leader. Of course I scoffed, which perhaps was impolite, but what is the correct response to such an outrageous statement? Great leaders praise in public, criticize in private; that is […]

McCain on the Daily Show, again, submit your suggested questions!

McCain is going on Jon Stewart’s Daily Show – and Stewart is soliciting questions to ask the senator… I suggested a fun question comparing the Hundred Years War to Iraq just because I want to see Senator McCain’s head explode when the words “hundred” “years” and “Iraq” are used together in one sentence… Mine […]

Wes Clark on Iran

Wes Clark’s letter about Iran is on DailyKos with commentary from bloggers. Definitely worth a read. This is the sort of leadership the United States needs right now. In other news, Mark Day is video podcasting his entertaining yet poignant monologues. Feed his RSS/URL string into your podcatcher (I use iTunes and Democracy Player) and […]

Quick review: “Lies my Teacher Told Me”

So I just finished “Lies my Teacher Told Me” by James W. Loewen and recommend this book to everyone educated in the United States and to everyone interested in American history. Mr. Loewen sometimes beats a point to death, but in general it is excellent, exhaustively researched and packed with citations and bibliographic details. The […]

Wes Clark for President ’08

The time is right, the choice is right, it’s an easy decision to make: Wes Clark for President. Clark is totally focused on helping the right people win their Senate and Congress seats this year, and he is not promoting himself, except through his actions for others. He understands the priorities and throws himself into […]

Keith Olbermann and the best commentary on video in 6 years!

Wow. Keith Olbermann says how we feel so well that I think this is the best 10 minutes of video I have seen in 6+ years! An absolute must-see. Update: Jeffrey Feldman has a transcript and analysis online now, so if you don’t have broadband, at least read the stranscript.

Power of Nightmares

A few days ago I posted a message about “The Power of Nightmares” documentary, and friends on Daily Kos have pointed out a better source for the video if you want to try burning your own DVD of it or just watch the mpeg files rather than the stream off google video. The files and […]

The Power of Nightmares

Thanks goes to Alice Marshall for pointing out that Adam Curtis‘s fascinating BBC documentary “The Power of Nightmares” is now available on google video. This documentary was first broadcast on BBC Two in the Fall of 2004. Later, it was adapted to a single 2.5 hour film for the 2005 Cannes Film Festival. Now anyone […]

Lamont vs. Lieberman

Jeffrey Feldman has a fascinating and insightful story about the Lamont vs. Lieberman debate televised a few nights ago. Bruce, you will love the NASCAR comparisons of politics as an American entertainment/sport venue. There are many, many issues other than the occupation of Iraq; but the bottom line for me is that the occupation is […]