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Review of Kabob House, Food Court IV in Centreville, VA

I enthusiastically give Kabob House five out of five stars, and have since first discovering the Afghan restaurant in November 2010.

Kabob House, Food Court IV
14220-A-1 Centreville Sq
Centreville, VA 20121
(703) 543-7166

Astoundingly good; better even than the legendary Bamyan Afghan place of Herndon a decade ago. You must try the Mantoo or Aushak if you have a little more time (they take longer as they need to be baked to order). If you have less time, stick to the kabobs, gyros, or my favorite dishes at this amazing gem of a restaurant:

Quabili Palau (warning, it’s large)

Palau Kabob (lots of food)

In both cases, the “meat sauce” they casually mention on the menu is the best damned curried lamb I have ever had anywhere. It’s probably hardening my arteries as I eat it, because anything this good must be earning me time in hell… absolute heaven. I am afraid to try to order just the “meat sauce” as a main dish… that would probably upset the balance of the universe with too much delicious goodness on one plate.

The Mantoo are sublime and the Aushak delicious – though both take a little longer to prepare.

This is not a fancy place; you walk up to the counter and order, and they will call your number when it’s ready. No table service (though sometimes they come out and bring you your tray if they are not busy).

There is not much choice about what to drink, but the food is devine and the behind the counter staff are enthusiastic and friendly.

If you are anywhere near Centreville and hungry you must make this your first stop for food. Absolutely the best Centreville has to offer by far. This is perhaps THE place that finally puts food in Centreville on the map.

Quiet enough for real conversations. Clean. Well lit. Kid friendly. Spectacularly delicious.

If I had to be pressed, I think the kabobs themselves are better at Charcoal Kabob in Herndon; but everything else is better here at Food Corner Kabob House IV… Mantoo, Aushak, Gyros, Quabili Palau – amazing…

I have never been to the other locations mentioned on the menu.

Update: I have now found another Kabob House in the same micro-chain, the one in Tyson’s Corners which is also very, very good.

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