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Guessing what Apple will announce

It is sometimes fun to try to guess what Apple will announce before they announce it. Just for fun, I will try to guess what Apple will announce today…

Today I think Apple will announce two new iPhones, a completely redesigned iPod, and a new AppleTV.

The new iPod be so small as to be wrist wearable, which confuses people into thinking it is a watch, but although it can show the time, it will not simply be a watch. It will be a Bluetooth hub for health monitors, head phones, and remote control of an iOS device (iPhone/iPod Touch/iPas/AppleTV). The iPod classic will finally be discontinued, replaced with an accessory for this wrist mounted new iPod; the accessory will store many GB of music in a pocket size device we no longer have to look at… CarPlay will also be able to remotely control the same accessory. Speaking of which, the new wrist device will work with CarPlay as well, so the vehicle can identify which driver is present and load the appropriate preferences into the menus and playlists as they sit in the driver’s seat.

It’s probably all wrong – but that is my guess.

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  1. snolan | September 9, 2014 at 4:18 pm | Permalink

    I will miss the iPod Classic’s huge storage capacity… it is no longer listed in the online store.

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