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John McCain is unfit for high office

Senator John McCain is telling lies for personal gain. That shows a lack of integrity. Integrity is the most crucial moral characteristic that every holder of high office must have. Clearly demonstrating a lack of integrity means that not only should McCain be disqualified from running for President, he should also be forced to resign his position as Senator. McCain is no longer acceptable in national service now, no matter what services he rendered in the past.

Add to the blatant lies, the demonstrated lack of good judgement, the willingness to exploit loopholes in the very campaign finance reform laws he helped create, and his penchant for being reactionary rather than careful about our nations security; and we have a recipe for disaster should he become the next President of the United States.

John McCain is unacceptable to veterans; he has voted against veterans and campaigned against veterans benefits until it became politically untenable. He is no friend of veterans.

John McCain will make the United States and it’s citizens less secure. His temper, his knee-jerk reactions, his inability to grasp basic nuances of foreign affairs will lead him into blunder after blunder and risk war, offending our allies, and violating our trade deals. He will be, and this is difficult to imagine, even worse than George W. Bush (who is the worst President so far).

Wake up American voters. Think for a few minutes and take the time to understand the issues and the urgent need for change. Understand how horribly unbalanced the United States Supreme Court already is.

If you don’t like the way I express this, try Andrew Sullivan, Josh Marshall, Stephen Retherford, or Juan Cole:

All four of these gentlemen brilliant analysts of politics and civics; we have to do something fast.

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