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Support Veterans, vote for Obama

As a veteran, one of the issues I am particularly attentive to in American politics is the support for veterans and the pay and benefits of active duty and reserve/guard troops. For my entire adult life I have see some candidates claim to be better for the military, but never actually honor their promises nor provide genuine support for veterans. I am even ashamed to say that for one election, my absentee ballot cast while in Japan, I supported Reagan because I bought his bull-feathers line about pay raises for the military (we did get a pay raise, but it was tiny and did not even keep up with inflation, and he cut educational benefits with the help of a Republican congress). Anyway, I digress…

One of the many reasons I am so excited about Obama and was excited about Webb in 2006 is that I actually believe them when they say they will try to improve conditions for our veterans.

Check out this story on Americablog for the latest details on Obama, Webb, and Hagel vs McCain, Clinton, and Bush.

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